Barefoot Law


Our Services

  • Local Court – driving matters, minor crime, ADVOs, small claims

  • Consumer Disputes – compensation claims through NCAT or local court.

  • Contract drafting and disputes – writing simple documents or letters for you

  • Wills – drafting an effective will or powers of attorney

  • Ageing – guardianship or financial management orders for family members

  • Debt problems – communicating with people you owe money

  • Tenancy – advising you on your rights and writing letters to landlords

  • Parenting – helping with parenting plans, property disputes and consent orders

  • Domestic violence – drafting or defending ADVO applications

  • Minor crime – helping you respond to summons and court orders.

Excluded – We cannot do Serious Crime, Property Disputes or Immigration matters but can refer you to specialists. We may be able to provide basic guidance before you get specialist support


How We Work – the Barefoot Law Process

Make an appointment – email to book a time to see us – preferred - or just turn up and be prepared to wait:

Payment – you must pay something by cash or internet transfer; we will issue an invoice and use simple costs agreements.

Heads Up – please email us to outline your situation and what you’re looking for, so we can think about your issues before you arrive. This saves our time and your money.

Outcome – we will write down some advice, a letter, document or decision.

Barefoot Law Fees

Minimum charge – $20. Half hour – $50. Full hour – $100.

Stuff You Should Know

Provider – Barefoot Law is operated by Mark Swivel, a sole practitioner solicitor and member of the Law Society of NSW. Barefoot Law is a registered business name. Our ABN is 97 191 928 443.

About Mark Swivel - Mark began practice in 1995 and has an unrestricted practising certificate. His solicitor number is 26017. Mark has operated his own firm since 2006. He was previously a partner at Langes Lawyers. He is company secretary at Enova Community Energy Ltd.

Insurance – Mark Swivel Firm No 19799 has professional indemnity insurance with Law Cover.

Account Details - to pay Barefoot Law you can deposit money to Barefoot Law at Southern Cross Credit Union. BSB 722 744 Acc 100129746.

Privacy and Professional standards – your matter will remain strictly confidential; we will protect your personal information; our ethical standards are set by the Law Society of NSW. If you are not satisfied with the service of Barefoot Law or wish to complain, contact the Law Society.

Barefoot Law - Formal Costs Agreement and Disclosure

We offer to provide legal services to you on these terms:

1. Scope of Work.  We will provide legal advice and support including our consultation with you, communications e.g. emails, letters and telephone calls, drafting documents or appearing in a court, tribunal or meeting on your behalf. 

2. Professional Fees.  We will charge you for our work at an hourly rate of $100.  Our minimum charge is $20.  You must also pay any costs we incur including court and other filing fees.  We will estimate our fees and costs before we do any work and will agree any changes before we do any additional work.  We may offer reduced fees for clients in financial hardship.  We may charge more for more complex cases but will agree terms before any work is done for you.

3. Billing Arrangements.  You must pay at the time of your appointment by cash or card or if we agree we may accept payment by internet banking and send you an invoice by email. Direct payments can be made to: Barefoot Law at SCCU BSB 722 744 Acc 100129746.

4. Your Rights.  You may negotiate a costs agreement or method of billing with us, request and receive an itemised bill; complain to the NSW Legal Services Commissioner if you dispute our fees and costs (; and will be notified as soon as possible of any significant change to fees or costs.,

5. Your Information.  We will keep your information and matter confidential and retain electronic copies of documents for 7 years; and we may use your information to assist in applying for funding to support the work of Barefoot Law.