Barefoot Law


Why Barefoot Law?

Legal advice is a right not a privilege. But it’s too expensive for most and legal aid is too limited or far away. Our communities have many problems that could use legal advice but people often don’t get the help they need. Mainly because of the cost. It might be a contract you need or a claim against your employer. Maybe you want to contest a driving charge or there’s a will you need to get done. Added up, it’s a bit like having untreated illness across the community. We should fix that.

What is Barefoot Law?

Barefoot Law offers practical low-cost advice to individuals and families, community organisations and small businesses. We are plying a trade – like making new shelves for your kitchen, putting in a bathroom or building a studio ‘out the back’. Only this is a law firm. A very small one!

Barefoot Law is designed to help you make decisions. We will aim to empower you – whether that means creating a document or helping you navigate a bureaucracy. If you need a specialist we will find you one. We have a good network of local and city experts to call on.

How much is Barefoot Law?

Fees are like what you might pay a tradie: $50 per half hour; $100 per full hour. Minimum fee $20. Fees are well below rates charged by most firms and are close to what you pay for massages or physio. For some complex work we may need to charge more. But we will always discuss fees before we do any work.